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Brake Inertia Dynamometer

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As per the IS 13453 : 1994 the purpose of the Brake Inertia Dynamometer is to conduct various tests for performance and durability for the Two Wheeler Disc Brake System like:

  • Type D1 Test (Performance Test)
  • Type D2 Test (Fade Test)
  • Type D3 Test (Wet / Dry Test)


Understanding Mechanical System

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The Brake Dynamometer is to be capable of achieving stability to ensure an accuracy of + 1 % of the test speed. The test speed shall be measured as the number of revolutions of the dynamometer shaft that corresponds to vehicle speed, considering the static load.

The system is capable of monitoring following parameters:

  • Brake Shaft RPM
  • Braking Torque
  • Brake Disc Temperature
  • Brake Pad Temperature
  • Hydraulic pressure in disc Brake Systems
  • Distance covered after brakes are applied



PC Controls

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