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Eddy Current Dynamometer

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The Eddy Current Dynamometer is Bi-directional, Dry-gap Type. In a dry gap unit, the only resistance to movement of the rotor is that of bearing friction and the small effect of windage. With zero excitation, an almost no-load condition can be achieved over the entire speed range.

Check out the Integrated Engine Dyno System for Engine Testing Dynamometers.

Construction Mechanism of this Dyno:


The construction comprises of a thin spoked steel rotor revolving in a casing that houses the field coil and the heat exchanger. When excitation current is generated in the coil, a magnetic flux is developed. An equal and opposite magnetic field is induced in the heat exchanger walls facing the rotor. This field is pulsating corresponding to the RPM of the rotor. The changing field produces Eddy Currents in the heat exchanger walls that oppose the excitation field and thus causing retarding action to be imposed on the rotor. The magnetic flux lines developed in the rotor can be kept to a minimum thickness, resulting in a low moment of inertia.

Check out the Models Available and Power Curve Information for Eddy Current Dynamometer.


Transient Dynamometer

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Features of Transient Dyno are:

  • Max. Power: 65 KW
  • Max. Torque: 231 Nm
  • Max Speed: 2700 RPM
  • High measuring accuracy of 0.25% FS
  • Suitable for Static and Transient tests
  • Fast response IGBT control for good transient load response
  • Digital high dynamic controller with closed loop cycle time of 250 Microseconds
  • Torque calibration system
  • Shaft guards for rotating components
  • High dynamic Engine mounting base
  • Dynamic torque calibration
  • Pre commissioned system to reduce Installation time
  • High torque, small inertia, so high dynamic test is possible
  • Torque rise time: less than 0.5 ms
  • Degree of protection of DYNO is IP65
  • Drive train oscillation simulated up to 30Hz
  • High speed digital communication between drive and controller using Optical cable
  • Power choke and RFI filter provided to reduce EMI
  • Dyno is liquid cooled

Check out the Motor Datasheet and Power Curve Information for Transient Dynamometer.


Stand Alone Test Bed

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Dynomerk Controls has introduced this entirely new and unique concept; first time in India and Asia. The engine test bench along with all utilities and controls are housed in panels like CNC Machine. This is Just like a floor mounting equipment.


Features of Stand Alone Test Bed are:

  • Test bed with acoustic enclosure
  • Fully automated controls
  • Built in utility services
  • Quick change for all engine end connections
  • High dynamic engine mounting bed with hydraulic clamping
  • Compact, low inertia engine drive system
  • Self ventilated acoustic enclosure
  • Total digital controls comprising
  • Digital dyno controller
  • Servo throttle controller
  • High dynamic fuel measurement
  • Real time windows based control software with host interfacing
  • Interfacing of Bar code scanner
  • Compatible to Emission integrations
  • Compliance to Indian and International legislation standards
  • Pre commissioned system to reduce installation period
  • Fuel and Coolant conditioning systems with Auto feeling and drain facility
  • Exhaust back pressure controller
  • AC servo throttle control (Response time 25 ms)
  • Customized test cycles (Auto / Manual)
  • Movable canopy with all three sides and top engine access
  • Visible glass doors at front and both sides
  • Safety interlocks for hydraulic and pneumatic controls
  • Safety shaft guard with auto sliding
  • Common Control panel with built in 19” cubical
  • On line Software base calibration
  • Centralized Data Monitoring System
  • Data management and analysis
  • On line service support
  • No civil work required, ready to use structure
  • Very low operating cost
  • Less Installation and commissioning period
  • Very compact structure – less space required
  • Easy access - free moving around space
  • Easy shifting as an when required
  • Less engine preparation time
  • Easy Engine handling with minimum efforts
  • High production rate
  • Individual test cell (acoustic rooms) are not required
  • Separate control room is not required
  • On line service support reduces the down time
  • Easy and low maintenance (TPM base)


Firing Benches / Cold Test Dynamometer

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Before the engine leaves assembly shop for final assembly on vehicle; firing benches are used to crank and start the engine.

Firing benches are used for, test for leaks, ensure proper oil pressure, check for abnormal noise, Clutch and Gear Shifting mechanism, electrical output from magneto and gain the confidence that the engine meets the quality level before we put it into service.

Mecahnical Arrangement of Firing Bench:


Check out an example of Firing Bench– With Road Load Simulation.


About DYNOTEST Software

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Analog Control System and it's Instrumentation for Engine Testing Dyno:


Digital Control System for Engine Testing Dyno:

Features of DYNOTEST:

  • Automatic / Semi-Automatic / Manual Modes
  • User Friendly Test Sequence program editor for cyclic tests like Performance, Endurance etc. All major International (ESC, ELR, ETC, etc.) and Indian Test Procedures / customized test procedures can be programmed
  • Library for different make equipments like smoke meters, blow-by meters, exhaust back pressure controllers, fuel and coolant conditioners, emission equipments including CVS, particulate samplers and gas analyzers
  • User configurable Real-time display (Digital Indication, Dials and Meters, Trends and Bar graphs, etc.) for acquired and calculated parameters
  • Standard & User configurable Reports, Graphs for analysis
  • User configurable Set-Points (Alarms) with actions (Indication Only, Idle, Stop Engine, etc.) for all acquired and calculated parameters for monitoring during engine testing
  • Internet Enabled for Remote monitoring and control
  • Data transfer troubleshooting and Up-gradation
  • Simulation of Acquired Parameters


PC Controls

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Compliance to Standards

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Check out our Compliance to Standards in Engine Testing Dynamometer.