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Regenerative Chassis Dynamometer

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We are the first to launch and prove the indigenous Regenerative Vehicle Chassis Dynamometer, Regenerative DC Dynamometer for engines / other prime mover testing in India. Following are the important features of this Dyno:

  • Real Time Digital architecture for PID control and Data Acquisition
  • Digital Calibration for acquired parameters
  • Bump Less transfer modes
  • High Dynamic Digital Communication between distributed IO devices and Controller, PC SCADA
  • Industry Standard Protocols; ODBC, TCP/IP, MODBUS, AK, ACSII, CAN, PROFIBUS, SERCOS, ASAP-3, K-Line, Digital IO. Analog IO
  • Adjustable Wheel base to accommodate different vehicle models.
  • Application Area – R & D, QA , Production (End-of-line), Showrooms, Garages etc.
  • Track width: As per vehicle requirement +/- 250 mm
  • Wheel base: As Per vehicle requirement +/- 250 mm
  • Inertia simulation range (GVW):
    2 –Wheeler : 90 Kg to 300 Kg
    3 –Wheeler : 750 Kg to 1500 Kg
    4 –Wheeler : 1000 Kg to 4500 Kg
  • Maximum Speed: Up to 200 Kmph
  • ECU / VCU Integration
  • Synchronised Vehicle Cooling Blower, Exhaust Blower Controls and Integration
  • Acoustics and Sound proofing

Variants Available:

  • Rear Wheel – Single Contact / Double Contact
  • Front wheel – On Roller / Clamping arrangement
  • Inertia Simulation - Mechanical / Electrical
  • Dynamometer – AC Servo / DC Servo / Fan Brake
  • Roll Diameter- 20” / 36” / 42” / 48”
  • Torque Sensor – Torque Flange / Load Cell / Equated Torque


ABS Integration

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Along with the Regular tests on Dynamometer (Max Speed, Max Power, Acceleration etc); this Dyno offers additional features of ABS (Antilock Brake System) Integration. This Dyno is of Multi-motor Configuration.

Following are the different Braking Techniques to be tested:

  • Threshold braking
  • Locked wheels
  • ABS (Antilock Brake System)
  • Cadence braking

Braking Efficiency for ABS and Non-ABS Systems:


ABS Sensors and Integration:



About VSCADA Software

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The purpose of this software is to define various test modes, to test the performance of the vehicle on the road (in simulated condition on Chassis Dynamometer). This software is mainly used to evaluate the various performance parameters like:

  • Vehicle Power in Wide-open Throttle (WOT) Condition
  • Fuel Consumption at various speeds under Road Load Condition
  • Maximum Speed, Acceleration by Speed (Time), Acceleration by Distance
  • Performance of Vehicle under Indian Drive Cycle (IDC)
  • Emission parameter calculations under various legislative driving cycles
  • Designed measurement and control system meet the requirement of the EPA and ECE guidelines

User Configurable Modes of VSCADA:

  • Warm Up Mode
  • Dyno Calibration Mode
  • Vehicle Calibration Mode
  • RLS Mode
  • RLS Coast Down
  • Calibration Mode
  • Speed Control Mode

Reports and Graphs from VSCADA:

  • Individual mode based reporting
  • Mode specific report format
  • Powerful data management system
  • Conversion of data into CSV format
  • Mode specific graph
  • Losses curve and RLS curve

Host Interfacing in VSCADA:

  • Chasis Dyno Controller
  • Driver’s Aid System
  • Weather monitoring station
  • Engine RPM Monitor
  • Cooling Blower System
  • Emission System with Constant Volume

Screencasts of VSCADA Software:



PC Controls

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Compliance to Standards

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Check out our Compliance to Standards in Vehicle Testing Dynamometer.