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What Services We Provide?

Our instrumentation is as per DIN Standards and having traceability for calibration and performance as per ISO Standards. Instrumentation with Host Computer Control Software for Engine / Vehicle / Exhaust Emission / Mass Emission tests.

We also undertake the Periodic Maintenance Contracts, Up-gradation of the existing test facilities, Integration of the testing equipment, and Calibration Jobs (with certification) and Repairs of existing test systems. We have the in-house expertise for developing Special Purpose Test Rigs.

Some of our Test Rigs are as follows:

  • Centrifugal Clutch Test Rig
  • Engine Firing Test Benches
  • Starter Motor Test Rig
  • Magneto Test Rig
  • Alternator Test Rig
  • Glow-plug Test Rig
  • Flasher Test Rig
  • Brake Endurance Test Rig
  • Water Pump Test Rigs
  • Shock/ Bump Test Rig
  • Mud Seal Test Rig (Testing of bearing seal of Farm Equipments)
  • Transmission Test Rig
  • Continuous Variable Transmission Test Rig


Online Service Support

All the equipments manufactured by Dynomerk Controls are designed to give maximum up time with minimum breakdowns. To ensure maximum reliability and up time of the equipments, timely preventive maintenance and close monitoring becomes must. Again in the case of breakdown of equipment, immediate support from manufacturer becomes must.

Using modern techniques, Internet and advanced technologies, we ensure 100% online service support. Software in the equipment computer is linked to internet (Dynomerk Website) for:

  • Monitoring the usage & healthy operations of entire dynamometers and controls
  • Modification, modernization, up-gradation of SCADA software, and Drive & PLC Programs
  • Online service support at the time of breakdown
  • Auto e-mailing for preventive maintenance schedules

Qualified engineers at Dynomerk Helpdesk are authorized (with Login ID and Password) to remotely access the dynamometer / equipment. Every type of help (up-to component level) is possible through online access. A maintenance personal at customer end works as per guidelines given by Dynomerk Engineer using online chat.

Following are few screencasts to understand our Online Service Support: